For quality orthodontic services in Lufkin Texas, visit Dr. Palmer’s and Dr. Ross’s office. At Palmer and Ross Dental., if teeth must be extracted to relieve crowding, the second molars (visually, the teeth farthest back) are removed allowing the wisdom teeth to erupt in their place. Therefore, in most cases, no more than four teeth are removed.

Do you ever notice how often beauty pageant winners have fantastic, full smiles?

Studies have shown that nearly all the finalists in the major pageants have not had their premolars removed. The results speak for themselves.

By not extracting the teeth towards the front of the mouth (premolars) it becomes easy to achieve those wide, full, beautiful smiles that are so highly regarded in our society.

Lufkin Orthodontic Services

Other advantages to this type of treatment include:

Dr. Palmer and Dr. Ross have many excellent examples demonstrating both types of treatment. Call for a free consultation!

There has never been a better time for orthodontic treatment. Modern orthodontics make every aspect of treatment more pleasant. Remember parents:

Give your children something they can have forever: a beautiful smile!

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